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Travel through the tastes of the Mediterranean - Italy 用味蕾環遊地中海 - 義大利英雄重量級三明治

Italian Hero / 義大利英雄重量級三明治


重量級三明治就是要霸氣直接用手吃! Toasteria Cafe使用薩拉米臘腸、義大利臘腸以及厚切煙燻火腿, 三種肉的口感非常飽嘴,搭配德式酸菜提升肉類的油脂香氣, 融化後蔓延在整個三明治上的瑞士起司香濃逼人。 即便是重量級,吃完後還是會回味無窮。 像是英雄般讓嚐過的人始終感到依賴, 並且無時無刻不期待英雄的出現!!

而所謂義大利英雄三明治, 其實很像台灣的三明治霸主-總匯三明治, 把義大利最常見的肉類、起司、蔬菜還有醬料夾在一塊,通常會使用充滿義大利風味的麵包。能脫穎而出的地方,就是所選的肉品以及起司!

A hero sandwich “by any other name,” would taste as good, and it is certainly known by a lot of other names. It can be called a Po’Boy in New Orleans, a sub or submarine sandwich in Boston, or a hoagie. The name usually refers specifically to those large sandwiches on baguettes or wider french or Italian bread that have a distinct Italian flavor.

Diners may be getting any number of ingredients mixed in with a hero sandwich. A very basic one has two Italian meats, cheese, and is usually topped with vegetables, and pickles. Condiments vary, but instead of mayonnaise or mustard, oil and vinegar are traditionally used to coat both sides of the bread. Heroes may be served cold, or heated with the bread toasted and the cheese melted.

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