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帕尼尼是經過烘烤和壓酥的三明治,源自於義大利。帕尼尼的義大利發音為:[paˈniːno]。“帕尼尼”一詞是指壓烤的三明治,通常結合烤起司,蔬菜和各種肉類,帶有熱度、醬汁、內餡經過烘烤後充分融合。Toasteria Cafe掌握了烤起司的藝術和創造它最大的可能性,且擁有在這個星球上最具創意的帕尼尼菜單!我們的帕尼尼菜單包涵多種起司選擇,如切達乳酪,羊乳起司,羅馬諾起司,辣椒杰克起司,費達起司,古達起司,帕馬森乾酪,布里起司,義大利輕乳酪,瑞士起司,奶油奶酪,馬斯卡朋起司。Toasteria Cafe創造了超過40種帕尼尼供您選擇,從素食,肉類愛好者,海鮮到甜點口味的帕尼尼。好好的坐下來,準備體驗Toasteria Cafe的帕尼尼冒險吧!

Panini are hot, crispy, pressed sandwiches originally from Italy.

(Italian pronunciation: [paˈniːno]). The term "Panini" refers to pressed and toasted sandwiches ("toast"), usually made with grilled cheese, vegetables, and different kinds of meats.

Toasteria Café had mastered the art of grilling cheese and created the largest, most creative Panini menu on the planet!

Our Panini menu includes a wide selection of cheeses such as Cheddar, Goat Cheese, Romano, Pepper Jack, Feta, Gouda, Parmesan, Brie, Ricotta, Swiss, Cream cheese, and Mascarpone.

Toasteria Café had created more than 40 Panini for you to choose from, covering everything from vegetarian, meat lover’s, seafood, and sweet Panini.

Sit back and get ready to experience a Panini adventure at Toasteria Café!

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